EOA-Initiative Benin Pillar 2 Report

Pillar II: Information & Communication

Country Lead Organization: OBEPAB


Planned activities
Activities performed
Activities 2.1.1: EOA communication strategy document information and communication available Report available
Develop adapted training material for journalists training on EOA
Activity : 2.1.2: Elaborate a policy brief on EOA for decision markers A new communication strategy paper developed in collaboration with all project stakeholders  –
Activity : 2.1.3 : 100 T-shirts and 100 casket distributed during campaigns of sensitization for EOA promotion -T-shirts and caps produced to inform and sensitize population on the consumption of organic products
Produce communication materials (T-shirts Calendar, leaflets …) during campaigns of sensitization and distributed them
Activity 2.1.4: Creation of the site web for communication about EOA web site: www.pascib.org 
Sensitize EOA stakeholders and actors in the value chain through workshops, media, websites
Activity 2.2.1: The documentation and information center in organic agriculture received a lot of books related to EOA
Repair and equip the centre of documentation on EOA
Activity 2.2.2: 25 producer’s leaders have been trained on the using of Smartphone and social network (Facebook, WhatsApp) to inform and to communicate on EOA This training has improved producers access to the market for organic producers through ICT use
Train producer’s leaders on the using of Smartphone and social network to inform and to communicate on EOA
Activities 2.2.3: A special EOA newsletter is developed and available The issues of this newsletter are to:
Elaborate policy brief on good practices and Sensitization of policy makers • Promote information and communication about the project and good visibility• Ensure better sharing and dissemination of information between actors • Promote ownership, understanding and visibility of the actions, progress and achievements of the project
Activity : 2.2.4: 01 training session with 10 agents of radios communities on communication strategies for the EOA  –
Organizing exchange workshop on EOA and related items gathering producers, advisory service, researchers, media people (ReJEB)

Pillar II:  lessons learned

  • Due to the lack of a formal contract with certain structures in the past years, the activities are carried out very late. But with the existence of the partnership and contracting system, the activities are carried out
  • Involve more media in the EOA communication and clearly define their roles and responsibilities allows good visibility and efficiency in carrying out activities



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