EOA-Initiative Nigeria Pillar 2 Report

Pillar 2: Information & Communication

Country Lead Organization
Association of Organic Agriculture Practitioners of Nigeria
Pillar Implementing Partners Western Region Northern Region Eastern Region
Information & Communication Healthy Food for Consumers Initiative Federation of Agricultural Commodities Association of Nigeria Justice and Peace Development Commission


Major Achievement
Lessons Learned
Major Challenges
Using the platforms like the  African Organic Agriculture Conference and the annual NOABS, the visibility of the project has reached at least 29 countries via distribution branded material Informed consumers are looking for healthy and organic produce One major challenge is the thin budget line.  This has limited the extent of advocacy via electronic and print media in Nigeria
The capacity of farmers and extension agents in EOA practices has been improved via trainings and exposure to some print documents. In fact, some of the print materials were produced in local dialect (5 languages) The use of branded materials is important to increase visibility
There is increased sensitization on the benefits of EOA to producers, consumers and the environment Production of educational materials in local dialect enhances acceptance of the initiative
Two farmers’ resource centres were established to address increasing information need of organic farmers Information on new trends, innovation and current market price is germane for continuous production There is the need to establish more / specialise resource centre for specific value chain like cocoa


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