EOA-Initiative Nigeria Pillar 1 Report

Pillar 1: Research, Training and Extension RTE

Country Lead Organization
Association of Organic Agriculture Practitioners of Nigeria
Pillar Implementing Partners Western Region Northern Region Eastern Region
Research Training and Extension University of Ibadan Kwara State University Nnamdi Azikwe University


Major Achievement
Lessons Learned
Major Challenges
A monograph on the application of local knowledge to the development of EOA and Basics and Principles of Organic Livestock and Aquaculture in the Tropics  were published Major issues identified during gap analysis are weed, pest & disease control The bureaucracy involved in fund release and retirement by University of Ibadan makes it difficult to work according to timeline
Two repositories on organic researches were developed and share to strategic stakeholders. Majority of the producers yet to engage in value addition to their produce. A few African based empirical data on organic agriculture  for documentation
The initiative has successfully supported two Masters Dgree programmes in Agricultural Extension, while support for a Ph.D is ongoing Simple farm machineries particularly for value addition are also limiting Majority of the researcher  and policy officer equate organic agriculture for organic fertilizer.
A curriculum for capacity building  in tertiary institutions  developed with relevant agencies involved in the coordination of tertiary education successfully lobbied. Editorials on the relevance of integrating EOA into tertiary educational system was published in a national daily where stakeholders opined further integration of some component in primary and secondary curricula Majority of the farmers practicing EOA are small scale farmers The technical man power required for the development of the sector in limiting.

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